The main room at North Midtown Arts Center is available for booking events, productions, presentations, meetings, classes, workshops, art shows, rehearsals, projects or studio space.

Base rental rates for the 1,600 sq. foot performance space/dance floor. Space includes 2 restrooms, basic lighting and stereo system. Other requirements are subject to time availability and labor fees. Back of building hall, courtyard and any other rooms are not included in this rental.

DAY RATES, 8 hour day
Commercial events    MON-THUR  300.00    FRI-SUN 350.00
Non-profit (501 letter)    MON-THUR  200.00    FRI-SUN  250.00

Commercial events    MON-THUR  35.00    FRI-SUN  45.00
Non-profit (501 letter)    MON-THUR  25.00    FRI-SUN  35.00

NMAC renters receive $10 off these hourly rates.

Half the rental fee and signed contract is due up front to book the event plus a $65 deposit.

All events will be charged a $35.00 cleaning fee.

These rates are for events ending by 8 pm.  After that the hourly rate is $65.00. We close our space down at midnight. A house manager is required for all events after 8 pm at $15 per hour. Security (arranged by NMAC) is also required at any event past 8 pm at $15.00 per hour.

All equipment and gear must be picked up at the end of the event.  Any time used after a
contract expires will be charged at $65 per hour.

Balance is due the day of the event.

12.27.09   NMAC reserves the right to revise or change these rates as needed.

Please contact Richard to set up your next event.

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