Duncan Dance Performs Saturday

May 20, 2010

Duncan Dance will perform May 22nd, around  12 pm. Dancers will be Marlena Duncan and company member Natasha Casely-Hayford. We will be performing a new modern dance piece that is about clarity, release, a sense of freedom from letting go.

Marlena Duncan is a dance educator, performer, and choreographer proficient in modern, jazz, tap, ballet, and hip hop. She is certified to teach all levels of Pilates mat. Marlena graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and Choreography, from the University of Southern Mississippi. Upon graduation, she studied in New York for three years with professional choreographer’s Teri and Oliver Steele, Sean Curran, Jennifer Archbald, Andrea Woods, Pam Pietro, Nia Love, and many others. Marlena received her Pilates mat certification from Dance New Amsterdam in New York City under the instruction of Teri Lee Steele. While on faculty at lower manhattan’s prestigious dance center, Dance New Amsterdam, Marlena taught Pilates mat, choreographed, and performed in student and faculty concerts.

Marlena is currently Director of Duncan Dance, a modern dance company, and dance faculty at Power APAC, academic and performing arts complex.


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